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Thursday, July 25th, 2024 | Making "What's Next?" What Matters ™

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I’ve been hyper and nervous all day. My calendar’s empty.  Not one appointment. Nothing I feel like doing, or that’s urgent.   I should be glad to have the free time, right? So, I walked a little. Then I puttered around the house a little. Then I played endless rounds of Solitaire on my computer. Then […]

Enough, Already!

What is enough for today? What can you remove from your to do list? What benefit could come from one task not being agonized over, or “guilted into doing”  today? Will the world end if you don’t get 15 things done? What is Enough today? What are you avoiding by constantly doing? What’s with all […]

At a recent coaches’ conference, Martha Beck shared a passage from the Tao Te Ching: Less and less do you need to force things until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone. Lao Tzu, its author, created quite a paradox here.  One noted Tao translator helps clarify: “The misperception […]

Soul Catchup

During our recent trip to Spain, my friend and fellow coach Susan Baghdadi was telling me the story of an Australian Aborigine who, after his first ever car trip, felt the need to sit down on the ground.  When asked why, he said “I am waiting for my soul to catch up.” I’m sure all […]

Back Off!

You look in your rear view mirror and see nothin’ but hood.  There’s a driver on your bumper, wanting you to move faster.  You’re annoyed, but get into it with him, deciding you’re not gonna budge.  You’ll slow down, maybe tap your brake, but you’re not gonna change lanes.  There’s no way you’re gonna cave…sound […]

What's the Rush?

I recently came across this poem by the Sufi poet, Jalal-ud Din Rumi: The New Moon Love, the new moon, grows slowly, stage by stage; We should progress like that, deliberately, with patience. I hear the new moon whispering, “Impatient fool!” It is only step by step you climb to the roof. Be a seasoned […]

Rest Up

I’ve been frustrated lately with how little I’m getting done.  I’m tired and just want to slow down and read a book in the middle of the day, but feeling the need to push on because reading doesn’t pay the bills. In one of my unproductive moments, Martha Beck’s blog post, Yellow is Gold, popped […]


To help me maintain healthy lifestyle, I decided to work with a nutrition coach.  During one of our conversations, Holly shared a great question posed to her by a colleague:  “You don’t say grace before a binge, do you?” The idea, she explained, was to sandwich each meal with a prayer.  Taking a moment before […]

Slowing Down, Part Deux

Last month, I decided it was time to slow down and just take things as they come, using the blank space in my calendar to recharge, etc. You know that saying about the best laid plans? I’m here to tell you that, once again, I’m living proof that when you stop worrying and just allow […]

Slowing Down

This morning, I received a note in my inbox from TUT that said “You only ever have to do what you’re capable of doing, Christina, because by design, no matter how things appear, you’ll always have enough time to do it, you’ll do even better than you would have thought, and life will get even […]