\ Are You a Peacekeeper or a Peacemaker? | Christina Brandt

A friend and I recently chatted about the difference between peacekeepers and peacemakers.  It’s an important distinction.

Peacekeepers are those who maintain the status quo.  The image of United Nations forces in blue, wearing body armor and holding rifles, comes to mind.  There’s an irony there.  They’ll use force if they have to, just to keep things quiet.

In our daily lives, that force could look like denial, or perhaps even willing ourselves to just stick out an untenable situation for the sake of the kids, status in others’ eyes, or a paycheck.

Peacemakers, on the other hand, point out where peace is not and work on bringing it into the world.  They acknowledge and speak the truth.  They raise the hard questions, and shine light on the darkness.

Day to day, this behavior might be:

  • admitting that it’s time to leave a job that no longer suits us,
  • getting rid of the clothes that haven’t been worn in years,
  • ending the negative, defeatist self-talk,
  • noticing when we’re in “know it all” mode, sure that we know what’s best for everyone,
  • or admitting that we’re sick to death of trying to be someone we’re not.

Which one are you?


  1. Hi Christina,
    I tend to stir things up,usually without meaning to. I start a conversation in the middle of what I want to say. I’m very Catholic, and very inspired by Martha Beck.
    My angel is 19 years old now. As a ghostwriter, I write other people’s stories, but it is time to write Joe’s story and I’m trying to figure out how to be more productive, keep my head above water, and add this book to my schedule.
    I know I need a coach, just have no idea how to afford it. Could you give me some idea of the initial cost? I need this; negative self-talk is draining my energy and right now I absolutely have to be able to write, every day, without fail.
    Thank you!

  2. chris says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Sorry I’m just seeing this question now, posed here in the comments section. Here’s a link to this site’s Coaching page, where you can find the info you need about pricing: http://www.christinabrandt.com/coaching/

    If you go to the Contact page, you’ll see that you can also speak with me during a complimentary consultation. Here’s the link to that page, which has a link to my online calendar, where you can schedule the meeting: http://www.christinabrandt.com/contact-christina-brandt/

    Hope to chat with you soon,

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