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I’ve recently had the misfortune of experiencing truly horrible service from a company of whose I’ve been a long time customer. I wrote emails, I called, I begged for them to come do what they promised and install my deck’s awning…and no one listened or responded in any fashion, for months. The culmination of all […]

Leaning on Labels

“You’re such a Quick Start!” For those of you who haven’t heard of the Kolbe A Index, this is a reference to Kathy Kolbe’s inventory of conative (or action) styles.  A fellow Kolbe afficionado lobbed this comment my way after I indicated I was unable to stick with a project I’d discussed with her. Another […]

Never Say Never

Christina Brandt shares how the purchase of a smart phone provided a great example of why the phrase “never say never” is sage advice.

“Cleanup in Aisle 3”

Thursday, I felt twinges in my right knee.  Given its past history (skiing accident, torn miniscus, arthritis, etc.) I decided to go easy on my daily walk and do 2 1/2 miles instead of the five I planned. Yesterday, I was stiff.  Despite loads of stretching, my knee wouldn’t loosen up.  I skipped the walk […]

New Beginnings

September’s my favorite month for a lot of reasons.  Gorgeous Northeast weather, less crowded beaches, sales at Staples…I’m an office products freak.  Put me in a stationery store and I’m good to go…but I digress. Reason Number One for loving September is because it feels like a new beginning.  While January may mark the start […]

She was there again.  The Lady Who Pushes All My Buttons was at the Y. The Situation Picture this, if you will: Crowded locker room with limited space Several towels scattered on the floor Rolling carry-on duffle bag, upended, with shoes, makeup and exercise clothing strewn on the floor and bench Three outfits in dry […]

Daily OM (www.dailyom.com) has been sending me a Rumi poem each day for almost a year now.  Lately, they’re really resonating with me.  Here’s one that reminds me of the questions I so often ask my clients:  “What’s perfect about this moment?” and “ What is this here to teach you?” Suffering is a treasure, […]

Recently, I reconnected with a friend from high school on Facebook.  We traded one or two brief messages.   He wrote “whenever I see a chocolate chip bagel, I think of you.” Huh?  Chocolate chip bagels?  I have no memory of chocolate chip bagels playing a role in any of my high school memories, nor could […]

Should you? Really?

I worked with a client this morning on her “Shoulds List.”  As a homework assignment, I asked her to write a list of every “I should…” that came into her mind between our sessions.  She came up with 37. We started plowing through them.  Should she really clean up the basement?  Should she already have […]