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Saturday, April 20th, 2024 | Making "What's Next?" What Matters ™

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Hold On Loosely

I was at The Inspiration For Many Blog Posts (a.k.a. the YMCA), about to jump in the pool for my regular swim.  The lifeguards’ boom box was playing the only station whose signal is strong enough to penetrate the natatorium.  (Don’t you love that word?  How often do you get to say “natatorium”…but I digress.)   […]

Living With Love

One day about three years ago I was volunteering at the animal shelter, sweeping one of the rooms.  This little gray cat peered out from behind a futon, cautiously checking me out.  I knew he was a new arrival and could probably use a little attention, so I sat down.  He jumped into my lap, […]

And So It Goes

It’s been a busy time for me, with a lot of movement, and yet none at all.  I still don’t know who’s buying my home, when my mother’s surgery will take place, or where I’ll be living next.  I have a lot more ideas and hints of what’s to come, but I’m still short on concrete […]

I’ve been hyper and nervous all day. My calendar’s empty.  Not one appointment. Nothing I feel like doing, or that’s urgent.   I should be glad to have the free time, right? So, I walked a little. Then I puttered around the house a little. Then I played endless rounds of Solitaire on my computer. Then […]

Some of you are familiar with Martha Beck’s Cycle of Change, in which she describes the life cycle as a four-step process that’s repeated over and over again. Square One involves the dissolution of something – usually an identity such as “employee of X company,” or “single person,” or “child with two living parents,” or […]

How Will I Know?

My client (we’ll call her Nancy) was paralyzed by a question that so many of us get stuck on when we’re trying to incorporate our passions into our lives:  How will I know when this is happening? We want so badly to quantify and measure the progress of creating our right lives and careers, naming […]

Back Off!

You look in your rear view mirror and see nothin’ but hood.  There’s a driver on your bumper, wanting you to move faster.  You’re annoyed, but get into it with him, deciding you’re not gonna budge.  You’ll slow down, maybe tap your brake, but you’re not gonna change lanes.  There’s no way you’re gonna cave…sound […]

As mentioned in my last post, day five was the longest day of our walk at 24km. To that point, I hadn’t made it above the high teens during any of our walks. I was determined to go the distance, but wasn’t sure I could. Susan decided that she’d spend much of the walk by […]


Along the Camino de Santiago, yellow arrows point the way. They’re spray painted on walls, trees and pavement. Cement columns adorned with the symbol of the Camino (a scallop shell) provide information, too, letting us know how far we’ve still got to go before we reach our goal. I’d come to rely quite heavily on […]

It’s Day 3 on the Camino de Santiago. We asked our guide if people start to change as the days go on and people get closer to Santiago. We were hoping she’d say that people become more spiritual, relating stories of epiphanies and other transformational experience. What she told us, however, was “Well, people are […]