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Ancient Friends in Disguise

I’ve been thinking about the term “frenemy” lately.  Urban Dictionary defines this as “an enemy disguised as a friend.” I’ll bet that you can think of at least one person in your world who fits this profile. Maybe you’ve cast them out, deciding that their two-faced, evil selves have no place in your circle, and […]

Your Punctuation Mark

Dr. Bill Hale believes that people can be classified as one of three different types of punctuation mark: The Exclamation Points  These are the “my way or the highway” folks who fight you for the sake of being right, who know best and are unwilling to believe there’s room for anyone else’s views or insights.  […]

5. October 2011 We arrived in Santiago today, exhausted and pretty proud of ourselves.  Receiving the “compostela,” the certificate from the church that recognizes your pilgrimage, is a pretty special moment. A mass in the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela is enough to move anyone to tears, coupled with the fact that the celebrant recognized […]

3. October 2011 As the day wore on and it got hotter, the storming began.  Not the rain kind.  The kind where everyone’s sniping about one another, wanting others to back off, or simply being crabby about life in general. This day’s hard.  Lots of ascents and descents, a little less scenic and a lot […]

Finding What Matters

New clients always ask “How long is this going to take?”  When I reply, “I don’t have a clue, but you do,” they get a little freaked out. So, I remind them about each of our roles in creating a life and career they love. My role is to ask them questions to uncover their […]

Leaning on Labels

“You’re such a Quick Start!” For those of you who haven’t heard of the Kolbe A Index, this is a reference to Kathy Kolbe’s inventory of conative (or action) styles.  A fellow Kolbe afficionado lobbed this comment my way after I indicated I was unable to stick with a project I’d discussed with her. Another […]

What don’t you want to know right now?

New Beginnings

September’s my favorite month for a lot of reasons.  Gorgeous Northeast weather, less crowded beaches, sales at Staples…I’m an office products freak.  Put me in a stationery store and I’m good to go…but I digress. Reason Number One for loving September is because it feels like a new beginning.  While January may mark the start […]

My “Joy Dieters” book group is busy working on Chapter Two of The Joy Diet, by Martha Beck..  This week’s topic is TRUTH. If you’re like most people (me included), you believe that you’re basically an honest person.  Sure, there’s the occasional white lie to be polite, or maybe you’ll pay a compliment you don’t […]

Let it Rip!

Word of the Year #3 is…drumroll, please…BALLS!  Yup, as in “balls to the wall.” Here’s the conversation that went on in my head when deciding to write about this:  Voice #1:  Can I say that?  Will I alienate my audience? Voice #2:  Yes, you can, and yes, you might.  And if the audience isn’t interested […]