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Hi everyone. My name is Christina and I’m a “getting it right” addict. I’ve written far fewer newsletters this past year because the drafts didn’t feel good enough to share with you. I’ve been putting off the re-launch of my Walking With Your Divine Self website for almost a year. I’ve let a few (okay, […]

A friend and I recently chatted about the difference between peacekeepers and peacemakers.  It’s an important distinction. Peacekeepers are those who maintain the status quo.  The image of United Nations forces in blue, wearing body armor and holding rifles, comes to mind.  There’s an irony there.  They’ll use force if they have to, just to […]

Five W’s and an H

I recently thought about something I’d been taught a long time ago: when writing a news story, always incorporate the Five W’s – Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  (I’d add an H, but more about that later.)  Take a moment to tune into the essential, deep and true part of yourself, and then ask […]

After Solitaire

I made the leap from PC to an iMac recently, and I’m in love.  There are so many things to love about the iMac:  the user guide whose cover simply says “Hello,” the easy-to-carry box with a handle, the silent keyboard, the intuitive navigation…I could go on and on about my new love, but this […]

And So It Goes

It’s been a busy time for me, with a lot of movement, and yet none at all.  I still don’t know who’s buying my home, when my mother’s surgery will take place, or where I’ll be living next.  I have a lot more ideas and hints of what’s to come, but I’m still short on concrete […]

The Head/Foot Switch

I was desperate for a good night’s sleep.  Three nights of tossing and turning made me really, really grouchy.  After sharing with my grad school professor how frustrated I was, he said “mix it up. ”  He suggested that I either:   sleep on the sofa, or lie on the floor, or put my head […]

Your Punctuation Mark

Dr. Bill Hale believes that people can be classified as one of three different types of punctuation mark: The Exclamation Points  These are the “my way or the highway” folks who fight you for the sake of being right, who know best and are unwilling to believe there’s room for anyone else’s views or insights.  […]

Finding What Matters

New clients always ask “How long is this going to take?”  When I reply, “I don’t have a clue, but you do,” they get a little freaked out. So, I remind them about each of our roles in creating a life and career they love. My role is to ask them questions to uncover their […]

Waiting on a Dream

This long post, and the long story in it, was a long time in the making. It started with an interest that turned into a curiosity that turned into a passion. I’ve always been fascinated with horses. I’m not sure why. I’ve only ridden a horse twice, and both experiences were the typical “put the […]

A few days ago, my mother celebrated the 55th anniversary of her arrival here in the U.S.  As did so many others, she left Europe to find a better life for herself   At the age of 19, unable to speak English and with no money to speak of, she arrived by ship in New York […]