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Saturday, April 20th, 2024 | Making "What's Next?" What Matters ™

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Imagine That

I stumbled upon this Native American saying somewhere recently, and it’s stuck with me: “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.” Imagine if… we each thought of ourselves as a branch on the tree of life?  How would we act if we remembered that we are an interconnected system, dependent upon […]

Peaceful Finances

You may recall that I’ve decided my 2011 Word of the Year is “Peace.” Each month, I’m focusing on one aspect of the Life Wheel (see my home page for a free download), diving deeply into the topic at hand to learn more, then apply what I learn to create more peace in my life […]

I’ve been on another clearing jag, probably the result of the programs I’ve been teaching about living spaces.  I want my home to accurately reflect my essential self, to be clutter-free, and to be filled only with what I truly love, need and use. That’s how I stumbled upon a ruler I’ve had since the […]