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Thursday, July 25th, 2024 | Making "What's Next?" What Matters ™

Corporate clients work with me in a variety of ways:


I go into companies and help fix what’s broken. I uncover the hidden dynamics that sabotage effective teamwork.  I broker peace accords between warring factions.  I untangle stuck communication. I convey negative feedback in a constructive way. (I am nothing if not extremely diplomatic, but I am very, very clear.) I teach management how to become better listeners and to ask the right questions that elicit the information they really need. I salvage employee relationships that are going south.

I’m available on a project, daily, or retainer basis for:

  • development and delivery of workshops
  • meeting facilitation and/or evaluation
  • needs assessment
  • exploring team dynamics
  • performance management

Executive Coaching

I’m well versed in the executive coaching techniques that help you succeed in the C-Suite.  However, I see my role as an executive coach to make sure you’re in the right job in the right field with the right company working with the right people whose mission is aligned with yours.

I can help you:

  • Reach your full leadership potential
  • Be an effective mentor
  • Build better relationships with colleagues
  • Create a succession plan

Outplacement Coaching

When a corporation’s in the unfortunate position of having to let people go, I provide corporate clients with a lower-cost alternative to the large outplacement firms’ programs without sacrificing quality.   I work with the affected individuals to:

  • Identify their skills, interests and values
  • Update their resumes to best reflect their experience and talent
  • Network effectively to build contacts and leads
  • Prepare for upcoming interviews
  • Navigate the world of social media

This work can be done on a group or individual basis, based on client needs and budget.