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To help me maintain healthy lifestyle, I decided to work with a nutrition coach.  During one of our conversations, Holly shared a great question posed to her by a colleague:  “You don’t say grace before a binge, do you?”

The idea, she explained, was to sandwich each meal with a prayer.  Taking a moment before and after a meal to give thanks, to notice whatever comes to mind in the moment, etc. helps us eat more mindfully.

That got me thinking about the “sandwich” concept and its applicability in other areas of my life.  What if I exercised more mindfully, setting intentions for how I’d like to feel or what I’d like to accomplish during and after my workout?  Or, what about setting intentions such as these:

  • networking – I’d like to meet this type of person and I can help in this way
  • starting a new class – I will stay present and conquer the fear of looking dumb
  • going on a date – I will be myself, be curious about my date, and go with the flow
  • having a difficult conversation – I will be transparent, authentic and open
  • going on an interview – I am clear about what I have to offer this company
  • creating something new in your life – I’m excited and happy to learn from this new experience I’m creating

Before each coaching session, I take a moment or two to settle in, get quiet, and imagine that I’m there to help my client achieve their greatest and highest good.  Being grounded and centered allows me to do my best work.

I think I’ll work on “sandwiching” other moments in my life.  How about you?


  1. Carrie says:

    Love this, Chris! I find I am not mindfully approaching my days lately. It’s all the “I have to fit this much in this many hours…” But it keeps me from being present to what’s going on… it puts me in a reactive mode. I am going to try this. No, I’m going to do this! Ending this note with a prayer of thanks. XO

  2. Alison says:

    Great post – and awesome mindful ideas! Funny, I was just talking last night about a friend of mine who consistently says grace prior to every meal….in my conversation I was admiring him as such a mindful and soulful person. Thank you for the great reminder and practical ways to make “sandwiches” part of everyday life, not just meals.

  3. Sylvia Heed says:

    I really love this! Here’s to lots of daily “sandwiches” all day long! (I think I’m going to call them “graces”.)

  4. Chrisina Brandt says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I have to admit, I’m eating a sandwich while typing this! I’ll say a grace or three, as Sylvia called them, when I’m done.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Ahh…mindful graces are what help us “tune in” to the joys and sorrows of life – not just in ours, but in others. Thanks, Chris, for reminding us to “sandwich” this time in our day!

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