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Clients work with me in a variety of ways:

Individual Sessions

A private coaching session, either in person or on the phone, for one hour.  Choose this option if you’d like to “stick your toe in the water” and see what coaching is all about, or if you’d just like an occasional session.

Per-Session Investment: $225

“They don’t call (her) a master coach for nuthin’!” – E.T., Bothell, WA

“Christina provided me with invaluable input to my process in a career change. Her engaging demeanor and challenging, but proactive coaching, gave me the impetus to move forward toward my goals.”
– R.C., Rocky Hill, CT

The Basics Package

This four-session package is designed to:

  • Gain an understanding of where you are and where you’d like to be
  • Learn techniques to tap into your always-available inner guidance
  • Uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • Begin dissolving those paralyzing beliefs

This package is ideal for those who want to “jump in” to the coaching process and commit to creating momentum in their lives by getting coached regularly.   It includes email support between sessions.  (I respond within 24 hours, on weekdays.)

Investment: $800

“Christina is a deep, insightful coach, always opening your eyes to new perspectives and challenges. I loved working with her…” – H.B., Chicago, IL

Deep Dive Package

This package is for you if you’d like to dive deeply into exploring possibilities and creating a new life.  Build and maintain your momentum by purchasing a package that includes eight phone sessions plus email support (I respond on weekdays, within 24 hours), at a more deeply discounted price over the cost of individual sessions and the Basics Package.

Investment: $1,600

“It has been wonderful working with Chris. I am pleased to have her on my team. If you are looking to make some positive change in your life, I highly recommend her.”
– D.C., Norwalk, CT

Mid-Career Tuneup Package

For individuals with at least 10 years of work experience who are specifically seeking new career options, this six-session package is designed to help you begin:

  • Identifying the difference between what you’re good at and what you love to do
  • Prioritizing your interests and values, and determining how to add them into your work life
  • Determining what reinventing your career could look like
  • Brushing up your networking and interviewing skills and creating a plan for outreach
  • Updating and polishing your resume, if needed
  • Setting long- and short-term goals for your career

As part of this package, you’ll receive the “Jobs 2.0: Making What’s Next What Matters (™)” workbook.  Email and resume review support is included as well.

Investment: $2,000

“The depth of Christina’s corporate and human resources background is extensive and gives her an incredible edge at understanding interpersonal dynamics and behavior. Coupled with her incredible warmth, exceptional listening ability and natural and caring approach, she clearly stands out above other coaches. I would highly endorse any company or individual to work with Christina…you will receive a wonderful experience.”
–D.M., Indianapolis, IN

Email Coaching

We set a schedule for 8 email sessions, twice per week for four consecutive weeks. On those dates you’ll email me about your concerns, where you’re feeling stuck, what you need help with, etc. I respond (within a few hours of receipt of your message) directly in the body of your email with questions, suggestions, advice, etc. (just as I would if I were coaching you on the phone). We trade a few emails back and forth (two for each of us is typical), creating a brief thread on each of the 8 dates.

Email Coaching Investment: $400

“Chris is a creative, highly intuitive coach. Our email coaching was highly motivational and surprisingly personal thanks to the level of detail and astute coaching ability she brought to every session. My questions were clearly addressed, my emotional attachments to unproductive thinking and my narrow view of my options were put on track and new insights were expanded and enhanced thanks to Chris steering me in the right direction. It was a methodical process for me but a very free flowing one that allows me to refer back to those coaching emails as I work forward to meet my goals and find a place of contentment and sense of purpose. Change is pretty much a constant in life and being innovative about your personal opportunities is exactly what Chris does best. I expect to work with her again.” – S.O., Southport, CT

“Just an observation about this email coaching. I LIKE IT! It makes me write what I’m thinking, which, in spite of the fact I’m a writer, is not something I’ve ever been inclined to do. Things look quite different when I put them down on paper.  It forces clarity of thought.”  – E.I., State College, PA