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It’s Day 3 on the Camino de Santiago. We asked our guide if people start to change as the days go on and people get closer to Santiago. We were hoping she’d say that people become more spiritual, relating stories of epiphanies and other transformational experience. What she told us, however, was “Well, people are usually just a lot angrier and more tired. And they complain a lot about their feet.


Our muscles are taking longer to warm up and, apparently just like others who’ve gone before us, we’re a lot grouchier about getting out of bed to walk 21 kilometers than we were on the first day of our pilgrimage.

Despite the aches and pains, the blisters and dusty trails, we’re getting stronger. Stronger in spirit, stronger in determination, and stronger in our desperation to find shortcuts. Suddenly, we’re noticing discreet little signs, nailed to trees and posted on houses…you can take a TAXI! I was so tired that I kept asking if we could just jump in a cab.

But Susan wisely saved me from myself and pushed me to walk further. She kept telling me to walk as slowly as necessary, but to keep walking through the fear that I wouldn’t finish, that the next bend would reveal a steep incline or decline, that I would hurt myself, etc.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the metaphorical experience we’re having. Walking moves you forward, allowing you to experience whatever’s waiting around the bend. Stopping does not. Where in your life have you stopped yourself, thinking that you’ll be better off (or safer) not knowing what’s ahead?

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    Love the message here. So true!

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