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Monday, September 25th, 2023 | Making "What's Next?" What Matters ™

I’ve spent most of the last six weeks on the road, traveling to Spain, Mexico and within the United States. All the trips were a mix of business and pleasure, and each was transformative in its own way. As much as I love travel, though, there’s nothing like coming home.

You know that feeling I’m talking about, right? The one where you feel as though you could just shuck your shoes and contentedly plant yourself in one spot for a good long while. That, my friends, is the feeling you get when you’ve achieved your ideal, too. “Ideal” might mean life, home, career, relationship, weight – it could be any or all of those things – but we’ve all experienced the “aaah” of knowing we’ve landed exactly where we’re meant to be at some point in our lives. The trick is remembering to notice when we’re feeling at home, and then identifying the clues (i.e., conditions all around us) that caused the feeling.

This month, I’ll be talking about home quite a bit, both at the IKEA event and in my telecourse with my friend Terry. Our homes, as metaphors, speak volumes about what’s going on in our lives, both inner (in our psyches) and outer (what we project to the world). Since I don’t want to steal too much “thunder” from this month’s events, I’ll wait until next month to say more on this topic.

I will say this, though: Once I’ve rested for a bit, I’ll get the itch to go out into the world again. It’s because I’m continually working on “that thing I’m supposed to do.” Watch Martha’s Talk to understand what I mean and let me know if you can relate. If you’re with us, we’re moving at dawn!

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  1. Glad says:

    I always have that “there’s no place like home” feeling after a long trip.

    There’s something comforting and calming when you are surrounded your belongings, in your own space.

    The best part is sleeping in your own bed after an extended absence. Nothing compares.

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