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Peace Symbol Oprah Winfrey has “aha moments.”  I have “Duh Moments.”  The Duh Moment occurs when you slap yourself upside the head and say “duh,” because you’re either reminded of something you already knew, or it’s painfully obvious to the average person and you’re just late to the party.   The past month’s Duh Moments were a result of my lack of energy, focus and self care.  Here’s what I’ve re-learned:

Leadership 101 – I’ve been waiting for others to help me feel less overwhelmed by all the items on my to do list.  Funny thing, though –  I haven’t asked anyone for help!  Instead of waiting for someone to offer it, ask for it.  Asking doesn’t make you stupid, incompetent or vulnerable; it makes you a leader who takes charge of her life.  “Duh” Moment #1:  If you’re not clear about what you want, you’re not going to get it.

Phoning it In – One of the reasons this newsletter’s so late is because I didn’t set aside any time to write it.  My schedule was crammed with too many items because I was unrealistic about how much I can get done in a day. I often “phoned it in,” forcing myself to write when I wasn’t inspired, rather than owning up to the fact that I was tired and needed a break.  Sound familiar? Duh Moment #2:  A rested brain is a creative brain.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Sage Advice – At the Live Your Best Life Weekend in NYC, Oprah told us she was complaining to Jerry Seinfeld about how tired she was because her life was controlling her.  (Coincidence that I remember this?  I think not!)  Jerry’s response was (and I paraphrase) “I don’t get it.  It’s yours to control.”  Duh Moment #3:  I am in control of my own life.

“My Name is Chris, and I’m an Overscheduler”
– Since the first step to real change is admitting you’ve got a problem, I’ve said it.  I’m now committed to not over-commit. I will hereby create a schedule that allows room for creative response to what’s at hand, and to replenish my energy. “Duh” Moment #4:  If you don’t ensure that your activities align with the vision for your Right Life, no one will.

Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin With Me – I was  reminded of how profound these lyrics are when I saw Desmond Tutu tell Craig Ferguson “We wouldn’t know what it was to be human without other humans…Our humanity is dependent on the existence of other humans.”  And so, my friends, is our peace.  When I’m tired and grouchy, expecting help without asking, and focusing on all the wrong things, there is no peace in my world and there’s no peace to share with others. “Duh” Moment #5:  If I’m not at peace, others suffer.  If we’re all not at peace, the world suffers.

If you’re not sure how to begin the next chapter of your life and career, look for the places where you’re not at peace.  Don’t know what those areas are?  Click here for a worksheet to help you get started. (and if the link doesn’t work, email me!)


  1. Debi Johnson says:

    Thank you Christine!

    I can totally relate to your “Duh Moments”! They make me laugh, but they also bring up some really good points. I want to use your list and add some of my own “duhs” to bring my life back into focus.

    Debi Johnson 🙂

  2. Christina Brandt says:

    I’d love to hear about YOUR Duh Moments, Debi. Hope you’ll share here. I had two more Duh Moments after releasing this post in my eNewsletter:

    1) Spell check before you hit the send key (so you don’t type “Liver Your Best Life Weekend” again – I fixed it here but the newsletter’s got the typo in it), and

    2) Test the links to make sure they work – the worksheet about peace didn’t work in my newsletter, either. Sigh!

  3. Tami McCall says:

    Chris!! OMG!!! I am laughing hysterically right now! This post is EXACTLY what I needed today!! I have been having “duh” moments all over the place but unlike you and your enlightened self, I was beating myself up about them. Your words are like a breath of fresh air! So, you just keep on “liver”-ing your best life and before you know it, “Duh Moment” will be a brand. =) Rock on!!

  4. Christina Brandt says:

    Thanks, Tami. Did you know that Oprah has trademarked the phrase “aha moment?” An insurance company tried to use it with a tagline like “proud sponsor of the aha moment” and Oprah’s lawyers went after the company. It had to yank a lot of ads, and some got through before the suit.

    So, maybe I SHOULD brand “the Duh Moment!”

  5. Tami McCall says:

    Yes, I heard that Oprah had trademarked that phrase (who knew?), so “Duh Moment” can’t be far behind. Grab it while you can! =)

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