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Thursday, January 28th, 2021 | Making "What's Next?" What Matters ™

Statistics vs. Experience

I could tell you that I’ve walked 19.5km on day 1, 16 km on day 2 and 19 km today, but I’d only be sharing a fraction of the experience.

We get so focused on the numbers and stats.  What’s your income?  How much do you weigh?  What’s your GPA?    We focus on the easily quantifiable and use those stats to compare ourselves to others.

Out here on the Camino de Santiago, all that crap goes out the window.  You either walk or you don’t.  Sure, you can get competitive with the rest of the group but what’s the fun in that.  Someone’s always going to be ahead of you and someone’s always going to be behind of you.  So why the hell would you look at someone else?  Why not just skip the stats and smell the air instead?

But if you need to compare yourself to some fellow travelers, check out these (wait for it!):


  1. Dale says:

    ..til the cows come home 😉

  2. Gilda says:

    I love the sound in this video!

  3. Anne says:

    …are you sure you weren’t in Ireland?

  4. chris says:

    Funny, Anne! I was feeling as though I was in Ireland, too. Although the shepherds all spoke Spanish to their cows.

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