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Presents vs. Presence

After writing a story about all I’d learned in a previous month, I invited my newsletter readers to share what they’d learned lately.  An interesting theme emerged.

“‘You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,’ from the Joni Mitchell song, so enjoy the moment and the NOW of your life.”   This comes from Sue, who unfortunately was just laid off from a job she really enjoyed.

Marlene says “some shoulds are important to remember.  As a ‘run my business from home’ mother, I should

  • postpone that conference call, just this once, and count clouds with my 5-year old daughter,
  • listen to my children and not use them for white noise when I’m working on my computer, and
  • give my children the same courtesy I would offer my toughest client.”

“I’ve learned that you can plan for the future…but you don’t live there.”  These words come from Marilyn.

Does anyone else see the theme here?  People are telling me that they feel the need to be more PRESENT in their lives.  To live in the PRESENT, rather than planning for moments in the future.  Now is what we can count on, not tomorrow!  Given that sentiment, how satisfied are you with the present moment?  Can you improve it to include the PRESENCE of more joy, love, and peace?

It’s tempting during the holiday season to make ourselves nuts with gift-buying, card-sending, and planning every moment of every day.  We get caught up in the to-do lists that have more to do with the future than the present moment.  Sue, Marlene and Marilyn have wisely seen that what really matters is being more present in each moment of our lives.

Here’s to a season filled with PRESENCE!

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