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It’s Up to You

What are you most afraid of right now?

Not knowing where you’re headed?

That you’ll make a mistake?

That someone will judge you?

That you only get one chance in life so you’d better get it right?

That no one will understand your choice and you’ll be all alone?

That you’re not smart enough?

That there’s no way you can make money doing what you love?

That you can’t possibly learn all you need to know to be successful?

That you’ll never, ever accomplish everything on the to-do list?

That this is all there is?

How will you use this fear today, right now, to help you?

Will you admit you’re scared?

Will you ask for help?

Will you try to figure out what this fear is here to teach you?

Will you do one thing, just one thing, differently than you’ve done it before?

Will you take one ridiculously small step to see what happens next, despite the fear?

Will you take a breath and then another, and then another to be still and listen?

Or will you spend today doing the same things that got you here?

It’s up to you.

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  1. Susan Foster says:

    I love this post this morning. It’s the best questions to ask, whether myself or clients! Really brings it all together! Thanks! Cannot wait to meet you at the Summit.3FNU

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