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Fear and Love

My friend Karen posted this on Facebook recently:  “Fear knocked on the door.  Love answered.  No one was there.”  Although I’m not a big Bible reader, I remember a passage similar to Karen’s post about perfect love casting out all fear.

When I’m afraid, I do three things:

  1. focus on my breathing, noticing each long inhale and each longer exhale,
  2. question the thoughts that have got me frightened – can I be absolutely sure the plane’s going to go down, there will never be enough money, people will think I’m an idiot for making this choice, etc.?, and
  3. focus on someone or something I love, eliciting the sensations by remembering the sounds, taste, touch, smell and sight of the person, place or thing so that I’m truly in a state of appreciation.

When I breathe deeply, I become calmer.  From that calmer place, I can examine the thinking that created the fear.  And, when I remember love, fear doesn’t stand a chance.

When you’re in a state of F.E.A.R. (i.e., False Evidence Appearing Real), breathe deeply, ask questions, focus on love, and see if things don’t get better for you, too.

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