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Ban the Beige!

This is the time of year when everyone’s anxious to throw the windows open, let the fresh air in and clean their homes. I believe that we instinctively know that clarity (the result of cleaning) leads to movement, which Spring always seem to inspire.  I’ve been cleaning on many levels lately, and my clarity has led to gratifying results.

Clean mind/thinking – I had the opportunity to clear up my thinking when I received an invitation to join AARP this week. Here’s what the “dirty” thinking looked like: “WHAT?! I’m not old! I’m not retired! I’m not even 50 yet (although I will be later this year)!  Who the heck are these people, lumping me into a group of old (drab) farts?!”

And here’s how I cleaned that up: I realized that I was making the invite mean something other than what it was: a card in the mail. That’s all. Just a bunch of paper and words. I changed my thinking to “I’m a colorful person who’s going places, and if I decide to join AARP, it’ll be for the hotel and car rental discounts!”

Clean body – I’ve been unhappy with my weight, and more importantly, my lack of energy lately. Relying way too much on sugar for pick-me-ups, I was crashing at all the wrong times.  To clean up that pattern, I’m in the midst of a 21-day detox/cleanse, working with nutritionist Alison Held.  I’ve given up sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy and alcohol. Two healthy meals with no beige food, a nutrient-packed shake, healthy snacks and a lot of water, exercise and self-care are clearing away bad habits and the gunk from my body. It’s the jump-start I needed to get re-energized and focused.

ClosetClean home – I reached into my closet for a blouse and the pole fell off the wall, resulting in a huge heap o’ clothes on the floor. Interesting, how the stuff in the back fell to the top of the pile, forcing me to look at things I hadn’t worn in years. I resisted the urge to just close the doors and called my mom instead. She helped fill five Hefty bags with castoffs. I never realized how much beige lived in my closet. Look at my beautiful, colorful closet now!

Clean relationships – I’ve also been working on the relationships in my life, asking myself how I can be loving, positive and supportive of those who are important to me.  Being honest with myself first about what I realistically have to offer others has helped me focus on those who matter (quality = colorful, interesting people) rather than spreading myself too thin and resulting in superficial acquaintances (quantity = beige, cocktail chatter only).  The circle of friends is smaller but much more enriching.

Since I started my “ban the beige” campaign, I’ve lost 4 lbs., gotten a new client, received unexpected checks in the mail, gotten a new speaking engagement, lost my sugar cravings and slept better. Would those things have happened if I hadn’t created some space and clarity? Maybe, but the peace and inspiration that come with a clean mind, body, home and relationships alone is worth working for. The abundance is just gravy.

Is clutter in your thinking,  home, body or relationships preventing growth?  Where can you “ban the beige” in your life?

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