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No More Excuses

I’m happy to have been included in an article called “Taking the First Step: Overcoming Excuses to Get Where You Want to Be” in Healthy Life CT magazine. Check it out by clicking here!

Today, I passed Margaritaville. Not Jimmy Buffett’s chain of stores, but a house on Stony Brook Lane called Margaritaville.  (I want to meet those people!  But I digress…)  It’s at the bottom of a VERY steep hill I just added to my morning walk.  You see, I’m leading a retreat in Spain next month, and […]

Originally written for my newsletter readers in November ’08, I felt this piece was still relevant today.  Enjoy! EVERYONE is talking about the economy.  You can’t turn on the TV, the radio, or open a publication without seeing a story about how everything’s gone to hell, we’re all doomed, and the fact that this period […]

Using Your Grace

I’m on a Rumi kick lately, and I’ve been forwarding this poem to my friends and clients who are doubting that they have anything special to offer. Way of Knowledge What God in His mercy has taught the bees He has not graced the lion or wild ass; The bee knows how to make a […]

Dan Pink’s new book, “Drive,” is a must-read.  Learn why money isn’t a motivator for very long, and about what really motivates us at work.  If you’re short on time, watch this cool video.

The #1 Bucket List Item

Earlier this week, I was struck by the fact that yet another client (it’s got to be at least 10 by now) has “learn Italian” on their “to do before I die” list.   I’m not sure why it’s so popular among the people who work with me (do they KNOW that I’m an Italophile?), but […]

All You Need Is Love

Since I believe that variety truly does lead to a “spicy” life, I came up with three Words of the Year. Word #2 is Love. Eve Ensler said “Consider what would happen if security were not the point of our existence. That we find freedom, aliveness and power not from what contains, locates or protects […]

The Ratio

During a recent “girls’ weekend” in Charleston, my friend Ashley said that she was working on her Trust/Fear Ratio.  She explained that there are times when she’s far more afraid about what’s going on in her life than she is trustful that the outcome will be as it should be.   To fix that, she works […]

Good Grief, Now What?

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to both clients and friends about grief.  If you were to ask them for one word to sum up our chats, I doubt they’d use that one, but it’s truly the best way to describe the process they’re going through. Grief is a funny thing.  (Funny “strange,” not […]

When I Grow Up

During a Learning Annex lecture, Marianne Williamson said “I dislike it when adults say ‘When I grow up.’  They are grown up; it’s time to do what they’re here to do.” That resonated with me for two reasons: 1) my clients use that phrase all the time, and 2) I’d used that phrase for years. […]