\ Camino Re-Treat | Christina Brandt - Part 2

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Me and My Shadow

At 6’4”, I’m used to casting a long shadow: While walking (actually, a bit more like stumbling) today, I started thinking about shadows. We’ve all got a shadow side – the part of us that we’d rather not show to the world – imperfect, perhaps judgmental, unkind or maybe even evil…you get the picture. I’ve […]

It’s Day 3 on the Camino de Santiago. We asked our guide if people start to change as the days go on and people get closer to Santiago. We were hoping she’d say that people become more spiritual, relating stories of epiphanies and other transformational experience. What she told us, however, was “Well, people are […]

Statistics vs. Experience

I could tell you that I’ve walked 19.5km on day 1, 16 km on day 2 and 19 km today, but I’d only be sharing a fraction of the experience. We get so focused on the numbers and stats.  What’s your income?  How much do you weigh?  What’s your GPA?    We focus on the easily […]


In case you didn’t know, my friend and fellow coach, Susan Baghdadi, and I have been on a retreat on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We’ve planned to walk 110 kilomeers along an ancient pilgrimage route that’s seen the likes of the Knights Templar, Charlemagne, Napoleon, John Adams and Shirley MacLaine (!). A friend […]