\ Camino de Santiago Retreat – Day One: Forming | Christina Brandt

Back in my HR and training days, we talked a lot about group dynamics.  When a group of people come together, there’s a process that typically transpires:  Forming, Norming, StormStng and Performing.

Forming is what our little band of “caministas,” as we call the women who are on this retreat with us, is busy doing now.  Chattering about what they do, asking questions about the trip’s logistics, and what they packed is slowly being replaced by topics such as encounters with the Divine, emotional baggage they’ll leave behind here, and what worries them most about returning to “real” life

Essentially, we humans are meant to connect; from infancy on, we’ve looked into the eyes of others to see what impression we’re making, whether or not we’re making ourselves understood, and if we can forge a bond that will support us in some way.  It’s a natural, evolutionary process.  Still, watching this committed, powerful and divine group gel so quickly is awe-inspiring.  There’s some seriously good mojo here, and they’re all feeling it.

Take a sec to think about the groups in your life:  family, colleagues, circle(s) of friends, etc.  In which group(s) are you willing to dive deep and feel a delicious connection?  What is it about the people that feels so good.  The traits you’re drawn to in others are an important clue.  They’ll show you what you aspire to, what you want more/less of, and remind you of your values.  And that, friends, will provide great data for the next step on your journey.

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